Gen_6:17  I am going to bring floodwaters on the earth to destroy all life under the heavens, every creature that has the breath of life in it. Everything on earth will perish.

Gen_47:19  Why should we perish before your eyes--we and our land as well? Buy us and our land in exchange for food, and we with our land will be in bondage to Pharaoh. Give us seed so that we may live and not die, and that the land may not become desolate."

Exo_19:21  and the LORD said to him, "Go down and warn the people so they do not force their way through to see the LORD and many of them perish.

Lev_26:38  You will perish among the nations; the land of your enemies will devour you.

Deu_4:26  I call the heavens and the earth as witnesses against you this day that you will quickly perish from the land that you are crossing the Jordan to possess. You will not live there long but will certainly be destroyed.

Deu_11:17  Then the LORD's anger will burn against you, and he will shut up the heavens so that it will not rain and the ground will yield no produce, and you will soon perish from the good land the LORD is giving you.

Deu_28:22  The LORD will strike you with wasting disease, with fever and inflammation, with scorching heat and drought, with blight and mildew, which will plague you until you perish.

Deu_32:25  In the street the sword will make them childless; in their homes terror will reign. The young men and young women will perish, the infants and those with gray hair.

Jos_23:13  then you may be sure that the LORD your God will no longer drive out these nations before you. Instead, they will become snares and traps for you, whips on your backs and thorns in your eyes, until you perish from this good land, which the LORD your God has given you.

Jos_23:16  If you violate the covenant of the LORD your God, which he commanded you, and go and serve other gods and bow down to them, the LORD's anger will burn against you, and you will quickly perish from the good land he has given you."

Jdg_5:31  "So may all your enemies perish, LORD! But may all who love you be like the sun when it rises in its strength." Then the land had peace forty years.

1Sa_12:25  Yet if you persist in doing evil, both you and your king will perish."

1Sa_26:10  As surely as the LORD lives," he said, "the LORD himself will strike him, or his time will come and he will die, or he will go into battle and perish.

2Ki_9:8  The whole house of Ahab will perish. I will cut off from Ahab every last male in Israel--slave or free.

Est_4:14  For if you remain silent at this time, relief and deliverance for the Jews will arise from another place, but you and your father's family will perish. And who knows but that you have come to your royal position for such a time as this?"

Est_4:16  "Go, gather together all the Jews who are in Susa, and fast for me. Do not eat or drink for three days, night or day. I and my attendants will fast as you do. When this is done, I will go to the king, even though it is against the law. And if I perish, I perish."

Job_3:3  "May the day of my birth perish, and the night that said, 'A boy is conceived!'

Job_3:11  "Why did I not perish at birth, and die as I came from the womb?

Job_4:9  At the breath of God they perish; at the blast of his anger they are no more.

Job_4:20  Between dawn and dusk they are broken to pieces; unnoticed, they perish forever.

Job_6:18  Caravans turn aside from their routes; they go off into the wasteland and perish.

Job_20:7  he will perish forever, like his own dung; those who have seen him will say, 'Where is he?'

Job_34:15  all humanity would perish together and mankind would return to the dust.

Job_36:12  But if they do not listen, they will perish by the sword and die without knowledge.

Psa_9:3  My enemies turn back; they stumble and perish before you.

Psa_9:18  But God will never forget the needy; the hope of the afflicted will never perish.

Psa_10:16  The LORD is King for ever and ever; the nations will perish from his land.

Psa_37:20  But the wicked will perish: Though the LORD's enemies are like the flowers of the field, they will be consumed, they will go up in smoke.

Psa_37:28  For the LORD loves the just and will not forsake his faithful ones. Wrongdoers will be completely destroyed; the offspring of the wicked will perish.

Psa_41:5  My enemies say of me in malice, "When will he die and his name perish?"

Psa_49:10  For all can see that the wise die, that the foolish and the senseless also perish, leaving their wealth to others.

Psa_49:12  People, despite their wealth, do not endure; they are like the beasts that perish.

Psa_49:20  People who have wealth but lack understanding are like the beasts that perish.

Psa_68:2  May you blow them away like smoke-- as wax melts before the fire, may the wicked perish before God.

Psa_71:13  May my accusers perish in shame; may those who want to harm me be covered with scorn and disgrace.

Psa_73:27  Those who are far from you will perish; you destroy all who are unfaithful to you.

Psa_80:16  Your vine is cut down, it is burned with fire; at your rebuke your people perish.

Psa_83:17  May they ever be ashamed and dismayed; may they perish in disgrace.

Psa_92:9  For surely your enemies, LORD, surely your enemies will perish; all evildoers will be scattered.

Psa_102:26  They will perish, but you remain; they will all wear out like a garment. Like clothing you will change them and they will be discarded.

Pro_11:10  When the righteous prosper, the city rejoices; when the wicked perish, there are shouts of joy.

Pro_19:9  A false witness will not go unpunished, and whoever pours out lies will perish.

Pro_21:28  A false witness will perish, but a careful listener will testify successfully.

Pro_28:28  When the wicked rise to power, people go into hiding; but when the wicked perish, the righteous thrive.

Isa_1:28  But rebels and sinners will both be broken, and those who forsake the LORD will perish.

Isa_29:14  Therefore once more I will astound these people with wonder upon wonder; the wisdom of the wise will perish, the intelligence of the intelligent will vanish."

Isa_31:3  But the Egyptians are mere mortals and not God; their horses are flesh and not spirit. When the LORD stretches out his hand, those who help will stumble, those who are helped will fall; all will perish together.

Isa_41:11  "All who rage against you will surely be ashamed and disgraced; those who oppose you will be as nothing and perish.

Isa_57:1  The righteous perish, and no one takes it to heart; the devout are taken away, and no one understands that the righteous are taken away to be spared from evil.

Isa_60:12  For the nation or kingdom that will not serve you will perish; it will be utterly ruined.

Jer_6:21  Therefore this is what the LORD says: "I will put obstacles before this people. Parents and children alike will stumble over them; neighbors and friends will perish."

Jer_8:14  Why are we sitting here? Gather together! Let us flee to the fortified cities and perish there! For the LORD our God has doomed us to perish and given us poisoned water to drink, because we have sinned against him.

Jer_10:11  "Tell them this: 'These gods, who did not make the heavens and the earth, will perish from the earth and from under the heavens.'"

Jer_10:15  They are worthless, the objects of mockery; when their judgment comes, they will perish.

Jer_14:15  Therefore this is what the LORD says about the prophets who are prophesying in my name: I did not send them, yet they are saying, 'No sword or famine will touch this land.' Those same prophets will perish by sword and famine.

Jer_16:4  "They will die of deadly diseases. They will not be mourned or buried but will be like dung lying on the ground. They will perish by sword and famine, and their dead bodies will become food for the birds and the wild animals."

Jer_27:10  They prophesy lies to you that will only serve to remove you far from your lands; I will banish you and you will perish.

Jer_27:15  'I have not sent them,' declares the LORD. 'They are prophesying lies in my name. Therefore, I will banish you and you will perish, both you and the prophets who prophesy to you.'"

Jer_40:15  Then Johanan son of Kareah said privately to Gedaliah in Mizpah, "Let me go and kill Ishmael son of Nethaniah, and no one will know it. Why should he take your life and cause all the Jews who are gathered around you to be scattered and the remnant of Judah to perish?"

Jer_44:12  I will take away the remnant of Judah who were determined to go to Egypt to settle there. They will all perish in Egypt; they will fall by the sword or die from famine. From the least to the greatest, they will die by sword or famine. They will become a curse and an object of horror, a curse and an object of reproach.

Jer_44:27  For I am watching over them for harm, not for good; the Jews in Egypt will perish by sword and famine until they are all destroyed.

Jer_51:18  They are worthless, the objects of mockery; when their judgment comes, they will perish.

Lam_3:54  the waters closed over my head, and I thought I was about to perish.

Eze_5:12  A third of your people will die of the plague or perish by famine inside you; a third will fall by the sword outside your walls; and a third I will scatter to the winds and pursue with drawn sword.

Jon_1:6  The captain went to him and said, "How can you sleep? Get up and call on your god! Maybe he will take notice of us so that we will not perish."

Jon_3:9  Who knows? God may yet relent and with compassion turn from his fierce anger so that we will not perish."

Zec_11:9  and said, "I will not be your shepherd. Let the dying die, and the perishing perish. Let those who are left eat one another's flesh."

Zec_13:8  In the whole land," declares the LORD, "two-thirds will be struck down and perish; yet one-third will be left in it.

Mat_18:14  In the same way your Father in heaven is not willing that any of these little ones should perish.

Luk_13:3  I tell you, no! But unless you repent, you too will all perish.

Luk_13:5  I tell you, no! But unless you repent, you too will all perish."

Luk_21:18  But not a hair of your head will perish.

Joh_3:16  For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

Joh_10:28  I give them eternal life, and they shall never perish; no one will snatch them out of my hand.

Joh_11:50  You do not realize that it is better for you that one man die for the people than that the whole nation perish."

Act_8:20  Peter answered: "May your money perish with you, because you thought you could buy the gift of God with money!

Act_13:41  "'Look, you scoffers, wonder and perish, for I am going to do something in your days that you would never believe, even if someone told you.'"

Rom_2:12  All who sin apart from the law will also perish apart from the law, and all who sin under the law will be judged by the law.

Col_2:22  These rules, which have to do with things that are all destined to perish with use, are based on merely human commands and teachings.

2Th_2:10  and all the ways that wickedness deceives those who are perishing. They perish because they refused to love the truth and so be saved.

Heb_1:11  They will perish, but you remain; they will all wear out like a garment.

Heb_4:11  Let us, therefore, make every effort to enter that rest, so that no one will perish by following their example of disobedience.

1Pe_1:4  and into an inheritance that can never perish, spoil or fade. This inheritance is kept in heaven for you,

2Pe_2:12  But these people blaspheme in matters they do not understand. They are like unreasoning animals, creatures of instinct, born only to be caught and destroyed, and like animals they too will perish.

2Pe_3:9  The Lord is not slow in keeping his promise, as some understand slowness. Instead he is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance.


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